Monday, November 26, 2012

Santa Train Orangeville Ontario

Santa Train Orangeville, Ontario
I love the Christmas movie Polar Express. When I heard about the Santa Train, I just had to check it out. The tickets go on sale in the summer. They do sell out fast. The Santa Train runs from November into December.
The price of the tickets are $18-$19 per person (for 2012). I initially thought this was pricey, as the train ride is 1 hour long. I purchased 7 tickets, for my family and extended family. I had 3 children and 4 adults attending, age ranges from 16 months old to 71 years old. 
We arrived at the train station early. To add more to the Christmas feeling of the cold evening, it began to snow. 

Orangeville Train Station November 2012

Inside the train station, stood a statue of a Conductor, in his uniform. Many people lined up to have their pictures taken with the Conductor.

Inside Orangeville Train Station

After spending time inside the train station, we went to line up outside by the tracks, where the train was waiting. The Conductor opened the doors and put down the step for people to board the train. He was dressed in a Conductor uniform, which we all appreciated. It reminded us of our favourite movie. 

The Conductor checked everyone's proof of purchase, and greeted all the passengers as they entered the train. Once a board and seated, they went through the safety rules and the train began to move. The Conductor announced he could see Santa. 
All the children stretched their necks in anticipation to get a glimpse. Santa walked in joyfully, with his elves. He quickly shook some of the children's hands that were reaching for him. He continued down to the far end of the car. He knelt down beside each set of seats, and met with each and every child. Spending time to talk with them, and pose for many pictures. Santa awarded each child with a gift. The kids were eustatic. 

The gift was perfect! It was suitable for all ages. A reindeer bell (exactly as the one seen in the movie). 
The strolling musicians made their way up and down the isles, singing children's favourite Christmas songs. The passengers joined in with the singing. We were served hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies. 
The Conductor took time to answer all my 7 year old niece's questions, and danced with my 3 year old. He posed for many pictures, and really made this trip so magical. He was fantastic. 

My 3 year old with The Conductor. 
Fantastic man! He deserves a raise!

After the ride was over, all my family members boasted about what a phenomenal time they had, and cant wait to go back next year with more family members. This is a memory we will hold in our hearts forever. 

If you are considering taking the Santa Train, here is a tip: 
If you are looking for more of the movie ambience book your tickets in the evening. As this particular movie was shot at night. If not, book during the day. You can not view the beautiful scenery at night. 

The railway does not claim that the Santa Train is affiliated or similar to Polar Express. This is based on my personal experience and opinion. They do not use any character names from the movie, nor did they insinuate at all this trip was based on the movie.  Since I have such a love for the movie, I picked up on certain similarities.